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"Velvet Shelter is the future of Rock & Roll "


- The Beat Total Music Network -

Welcome To The Velvet Shelter ... An original band from the Philadelphia suburbs

Powered by the Positive Energy and the Mutual Respect of its members vast musical influences and styles


What started out as weekly songwriting sessions quickly

became something more ...The songs began to develop and take on a Life of their own 

The band is able to land genuinely surprising curveballs against a sonic backdrop firmly rooted in the accessible and familiar. But that’s Velvet Shelter for you. The quartet can be described variously as alt-rock, folk and Americana shot through with a retro 70's vibe and yet… they are still something more

 They’re fearless, too, willing to write about the darker side of the human condition and all of its mysteries and pain ...yet also adept with high energy rock on the edge of a throwback pop song. Or graffiti a plaintive ballad with poetic lyrics about a marginalized hipster...and that's just the first three songs in the set  

Velvet Shelter recorded their debut album @ Morning Star Studios with 2x Grammy Award winning engineer & producers Glenn Barratt & Dave Schonauer.  The Follow Up Album " Delirium " was recorded @ Catapult Sound with

William  Schwartz producing & engineering the sessions.  

Following The Delirium Release The Band dropped its first Single on Valentines Day  " Until The End Of Time " and yes of course it was a Love song ...its been said that " Velvet Shelter Songs are All Love Songs "  The Bands next Single               " Nightmare " was released on you guessed it... Halloween. The bands most recent release is the Single  

 " Playing Through The Pain" 

" I got a feeling 21 is gonna be a good year " and we could not agree more ...Velvet Shelter has been busy despite The Global Pandemic ...writing and having rehearsals with many talented musicians in search of the perfect blend of melody and harmony ...New Music From VS is on the way ...stay tuned 

Meet The Band

VS 2023 big sky flip.jpg



Keyboards & Vocals


Guitar & Vocals


Eric Visnov

Bass, Guitar & Vocals

Jeff Quattro, Eric Visnov, Frank Wilder, Johnny Zabo, Velvet Shelter
Jeff Quattro
Eric Visnov, Frank Wilder
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